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CSS first-letter problem with display:inline

According to first-letter pseudo class works only with block level elements. Here is a paragraph from w3: The :first-letter pseudo-element must select the first letter of the first line of a block, if it is not preceded by any … Continue reading

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Remove .pdb path from exe in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

If you look at executables shipped from Microsoft like notepad.exe, you will see that they include .pdb (Program Database) reference, but do not include path to .pdb: notepad.pdbvs d:\some\dir\release\bin\etc\notepad.pdb This path can sometimes reveal unnecessary information to your customer / … Continue reading

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Run as administrator missing for shortcuts created by Visual Studio Setup Project

When Visual Studio 2008 / 2010 creates Setup and Deployment project (Visual Studio Installer), it misses one important feature – ‘Run as administrator’ that is available form context menu (right mouse click) for shortcuts created on Desktop and in Start … Continue reading

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Things that will make your website much faster

What will make my website faster? How to optimize page load time? How to make web site appear to load faster for end user? Updated Feb 9, 2011. This is excerpt from article: How big HTML images / CSS / … Continue reading

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Unable to connect to the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Remote Debugging Monitor in service mode

Rarely I need to use Visual Studio Remote Debugger to debug Native application. It always big pain to configure everything correctly. But today I needed to run Remote Debugger as service, so I can debug another service, when no any … Continue reading

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