Site with useful online tools and utilities launched

Today we launched a new website full with useful tools and utilities –

Some of featured services:

  • What is My IP – shows your IP address, that is seen by web servers and other network users.
  • Subnet Calc – network subnet calculator that supports dotted decimal and CIDR notation.
  • SilverBench – online multicore CPU benchmarking tool, that has very nice CPU stress test feature.
  • And many more…

In the coming days I will write some more details and some usage examples. Currently, some facts:

  • All is running on PHP 5.2 and 5.3, Apache, MySQL and Linux – LAMP. Technology: HTML 4.01 strict and CSS 3.
  • SilverBench is written in C#, Silverlight 3, .NET.
  • All is done in spare time by 3 people.
  • The only image used in site is the Favicon. As a consequence, site does not work with IE6.
  • Site tested and works on all major browsers: Mozilla Firefox 3 and 4; Internet Explorer 8 and 9; Opera 10; Apple Safari 5.
  • Home logo is displayed incorrectly in Google Chrome version 10, however Chrome 9 and 11 Beta displays it correctly.

Windows Update leads to spam site ( today

Today when trying to update one of my Microsoft Windows – Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and clicking to More Information link, it led my browser to SPAM site (DO NOT VISIT IT!): - DO NOT VISIT IT!

Windows update KB2505438

It happens only for update – Update for Windows 7 for KB2505438, when you click on more info link, see the screenshot.

Here is a screenshot for that SPAM / domain squatter site:

Spam site from Windows Update

Why and how this happened?

It seems, that someone responsible for update links at Microsoft failed to enter correct Microsoft KB article address: - DO NOT VISIT IT!

Correct address is:

At first it seemed like computer is infected by some virus / spyware, but it is not a case.

While I was writing this, Microsoft have already fixed this.

Other people noticed this too: