2011 links no. 2

Stack Overflow profiler open sourced: Profiling your website like a true Ninja. Smaller is Faster (and Safer Too). Chrome team have just started using a new compression algorithm called Courgette to make Google Chrome updates small. Read more. Ask Amir Taaki About Bitcoin. From Slashdot. The Four Stages of NTFS File Growth from Windows Server […]

Urih.com has online resource viewer for executable files

One of very interesting online tool we launched in urih.com is online resource viewer for executable files. We call it – Portable executable online viewer. This new (online) tool can be used like any old (offline) tool to view images embedded into executable (PE format) file. Also, many properties of executable file are shown, like […]

Strange HTTP GET requests from IP 150.70.x.x and IP 62.24.x.x

Recently I started to notice that one of our sites gets strange HTTP GET requests from two IP ranges: 150.70.x.x and IP 62.24.x.x. The short version of this goes as follows: we have web service when users can submit results via HTTP GET request. For example: http://www.example.com/service?guid={BEDC2C9A-C5E6-4766-B57C-7CC07BB26F59}&result=x Each (next) user/request gets a new GUID, like: […]