Watch window shows ‘CXX0058: Error: overloaded operator not found’

If you add a Watch for std::vector using array subscript operator, like, myVector[5], then Visual Studio 2010 instead of showing value, will show the error: ‘CXX0058: Error: overloaded operator not found’. However when you cover std::vector with mouse, the tooltip watch will show correct values. The workaround for the STL vector is to use: myVector._Myfirst[5] …

RegCopyTree fails with Access denied error (5) on Windows 7

MSDN documentation for RegCopyTree states that ‘The calling process must have KEY_CREATE_SUB_KEY access to the destination key’, however call fails on some keys with Access denied error (5) on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Changing desired access rights to KEY_ALL_ACCESS solves the problem. Currently I do not know why, but it works in my case.