Error while receiving Verisign Authenticode certificate

Today when I was downloading/receiving Verisign Authenticode certificate I got the following error window: ————————— VBScript ————————— Error: 1AD occured, your certificate may not be co`rrectly installed ————————— OK ————————— Then I was redirected to the page with the following text: Your Certificate Could Not Be Installed Your certificate could not be installed in your […]

Call to OpenFileDialog or SaveFileDialog hangs or freezes

Today I was debugging a very strange issue when call to OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog hanged, froze, never returned… At first I thought the problem is, that call is made from SysTray (Notification area) hidden window. However, digging deeper things got more bizarre. I found a thread in MS forum, where was a workaround – add […]