RAID 1 (mirror) read speed as fast as RAID 0 (stripe)

To our big surprise, the new Intel Raid controller on the Motherboard Intel DX79TO (ver. AAG28805-401) with Intel X79 Express Chipset shows awesome read performance. The raid model is Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise 3.0 (Intel Rapid Storage enterprise – SATA Option ROM –, 2003-2011), which in Microsoft Windows is reported as “Intel C600 […]

Test Silverlight speed or Test CPU speed with Silverlight

While we were developing SilverBench (online multicore CPU benchmarking with Silverlight), I found one interesting benchmark project. It is called Balls / Bubblemark animation test. You can test and directly compare speed / performance for the following programming languages: JavaScript, Silverlight (C#), Flash (ActionScript) and Java. Source code is provided. Project is maintained from 2007 […]