When Windows automatic update suddenly stops updating Windows automatically

Recently we noticed that some of our test and dev servers were not updating automatically through Windows or Microsoft update. It was real pain to find why this happened. There are numerous threads in the Internet about failed Windows update, and it is very hard to find the right answer. Luckily, I found a post […]

Strange MAC addresses in your network (00:0D:3A:D7:F1:40 – 00:0D:3A:FF:FF:FF)

Today I noticed many strange MAC addresses in our LAN. The addresses looked very similar – only few bits were changing. Sometime this happens, when Ethernet cable is damaged or due to network card malfunction. Here are some sample MAC addresses I observed: 000d3a-fa6109 000d3a-fa6207 000d3a-fa6209 000d3a-fa6107 000d3a-fa6203 000d3a-fa6103 000d3a-fa6212 000d3a-fa6112 000d3a-fa610f 000d3a-fa620f It turns […]