Online CPU benchmark now with user comments

Two weeks ago we launched a New version (v1.5) of online CPU benchmark – SilverBench. This new version allows users to post comments — details about their tested machines. Of course these comments are optional and completely anonymous if user chooses to. Comments can be viewed on the main page, result page and Top 100 … statistics – you never know what will be most used feature

22 weeks (or 5 months and 5 days) after launch, here we have an interesting stats. Clearly, the most used feature on the is SilverBench – online CPU benchmark tool. The opposite – the feature that no one have used is: Feedback form, that is located on all pages. To be exact, the … has online resource viewer for executable files

One of very interesting online tool we launched in is online resource viewer for executable files. We call it – Portable executable online viewer. This new (online) tool can be used like any old (offline) tool to view images embedded into executable (PE format) file. Also, many properties of executable file are shown, like …