WishMesh.com is maintained by two computer experts and software developers Maris and Harijs. We are from Europe, Latvia.

Blog posts usually cover problems (and their solutions) related to day-to-day job of software shop and small consulting business, including, but not limited to, network and HTTP, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, PHP, little C and more C++, C#, ASP.NET, various SQL servers, more Windows, less Linux / BSD and similar, website and web services hosting, AJAX, and more. Attention to details [sometimes even too much] and quality is our motto.

If you are looking for a blog where every post is on one / similar topic and interesting to you, this may not be the right place. Problems that arise in real-world situations are not always on the same topic, and may not be interesting to a wide audience, however if solutions to such problems can not be found on the web, they may be extremely useful for those who are searching for answers. Some inspiring reading can be found in the links area.


Some of our previous projects (currently maintained by Tuxera Inc.):

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