Change timezone with TZ environment variable in Windows

If your program uses one of the following MFC or CRT function, then you can change timezone using TZ environment variable: CTime::GetLocalTm CTime::Format COleDateTime::operator= ctime _wctime _tctime _ctime64 _wctime64 _tctime64 mktime _mktime64 _utime _wutime _tutime _utime64 _wutime64 _tutime64 For example, to set the TZ environment variable to correspond to the current time zone in Germany, […]

PHP $_POST returns only one item for SELECT multiple HTML tag

PHP developers decided that values posted from HTML select tag with attribute multiple, somehow overwrites some internal variable data. Basically it goes like this – you have the following form with a select tag: <form action=”/post.php” method=”post”>   <select name=”MyMultiSelect” multiple>     <option>one</option>     <option>two</option>     <option>three</option>     <option>four</option>   </select>   <input type=”submit” value=”send”> </form> and in PHP you try to […]

CSS pseudo-element first-letter using form label element

Today I spent 1/2 hour trying to understand, why my labels do not respect CSS rule first-letter. Here is an example snippet: #myform label:first-letter {text-decoration:underline} <form id=”myform” action=”/test/” method=”post”> <label title=”From”>From:</label> The problem was, that The ‘first-letter’ pseudo-element can only be attached to a block-level element. Reference: w3 – 2.4 The ‘first-letter’ pseudo-element Also, space […]