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Android devices sometimes use wrong DNS server

Android devices sometimes use wrong DNS server. My assumption is, that it happens when device finds friendly WiFi access point, disconnects from mobile provider/ISP and is just finished connecting to it (WiFi using DHCP). It has setup DNS servers from … Continue reading

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String.format in Java has weird rounding by default

I was participating in one of our Android projects, and while testing I discovered, that our program acted weird — app displayed one value, but acted like the value was different. The value was 1.45, and our Java Android app … Continue reading

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2011 links no. 3

Interview With Sacha Barber in The Code Project. The ABA problem occurs during synchronization, when a location is read twice, has the same value for both reads, and “value is the same” is used to indicate “nothing has changed”. However, … Continue reading

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