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Encrypt Windows swap file

Beginning from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 it is possible to encrypt Windows paging file. Paging file can contain your credentials, passwords, session data, temporary data from database, etc.

To check if encryption is enabled use the following command in cmd window:
fsutil behavior query encryptpagingfile

To enable encryption:
fsutil behavior set encryptpagingfile 1

P.S. After enabling, your system may work a little bit slower, but normally you won’t notice it.
P.S.S. This works only on NTFS and will not work on FAT32.

Also, encrypt the Temp folder on your hard disk to ensure that your encrypted documents remain encrypted during editing.

All ISO files from Microsoft shows CRC32 FFFFFFFF (0xffffffff)

Playing with Freeware Hash & CRC I noticed that CRC32 for all ISO files that comes from Microsoft (MSDN and Technet) are the same – FFFF FFFF. At first I thought that there is some bug in CRC implementation. But after taking look at the file ending in hex, I found, that all files have something like this at the end:
ExclCRC 0'm#AutoCRC _Ų¢v

Also, Google search revealed that many MS ISO files have check-sum of 0xFFFFFFFF. There is something to do with AutoCRC and ExclCRC… Go figure!