CSS pseudo-element first-letter using form label element

Today I spent 1/2 hour trying to understand, why my labels do not respect CSS rule first-letter. Here is an example snippet: #myform label:first-letter {text-decoration:underline} <form id=”myform” action=”/test/” method=”post”> <label title=”From”>From:</label> The problem was, that The ‘first-letter’ pseudo-element can only be attached to a block-level element. Reference: w3 – 2.4 The ‘first-letter’ pseudo-element Also, space […]

Edit any website / webpage with simple JavaScript

Copy the following one line JavaScript into address bar of browser to enable ‘edit mode’. javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0 Now you can add or delete any text, move images and objects, and more. Have a fun! Tested on Internet Explorer 8 and 6, Firefox 3.5.2, Opera 10, Google Chrome and Apple Safari 4.0.3.