Ubuntu Server static ip problems – ubuntu reverts back to DHCP on its own

Many people report that Ubuntu Server suddenly reverts its static IP address to dynamic (via DHCP). Here are some discussions: static ip reverts back to DHCP (ubuntuforums.org). Static IP reverting to DHCP on Ubuntu Server 8.04 (www.howtogeek.com). This happened to me today with Ubuntu Server 9.04. Rebooting the server after installation have solved this problem.

How to change Ubuntu Server from dynamic address (DHCP) to a static IP address?

You need to change addresses into following files: /etc/network/interfaces /etc/resolv.conf The following article from www.howtogeek.com prefers vi editor, but I use nano editor. sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces change to something like this iface eth0 inet static      address      netmask      network      broadcast      gateway and DNS settings sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf and then restart sudo …