Free C# / .NET Profiler with Silverlight support

World is still lacking a good free .NET / C# / VB.NET / F# Profiler. There are plenty of overpriced tools (some very useful, but expensive).

I need simple profiler for one of my free / hobby projects, so I do not want to pay a premium.

First I tried to download open source project called Prof-It for C#. I was unable to profile anything. Why this is so complicated?

Second, also open source, called slimtune. They say it support .NET 2.0, but I was able to profile .NET 3.5 w/o problems. However no luck with Silverlight.

Third, I download free version of EQATEC profiler. They ask for your name and email address (I HATE TO GIVE MY EMAIL). In lack of options, I surrender my email address. Also, it says, that there is limit of “how many DLLs…”. I didn’t get, what this limit is about, perhaps need to use it a little more, but currently I already got profiling details I needed. The good news is, that EQATEC can profile Silverlight applications with a few easy clicks.

P.S. if you are looking for native C++ profiler, read about Very Sleepy.