January 2011, links

Hardcore optimization story – Would you believe me if I claimed that an algorithm that has been on the books as “optimal” for 46 years, which has been analyzed in excruciating detail by geniuses like Knuth and taught in all computer science courses in the world, can be optimized to run 10 times faster?

Bjarne Stroustrup about C++0x and standardization.

Several of the Internet’s most popular Web sites – including Facebook, Google and Yahoo – have agreed to participate in the first global-scale trial of IPv6 on June 8, 2011.

Test your IPv6 connectivity with test-ipv6.com.

Neural Network for Recognition of Handwritten Digits in C# in Codeproject from Vietdungiitb.

Printing 1 to 1000 without loop or conditionals from Stack Overflow.