2011 links no. 1

3D Software Rendering Engine – Part I by darkoman.

Fluent CSV/XML Exporter For List by Sacha Barber allows to export / save any C# container to CSV and XML.

Push Framework – A C++ toolkit for high performance server development in Windows by Ahmed Charfeddine.

Next part in Task Parallel Library: 5 of n by Sacha Barber.

ISO C++ Committee Approves C++0x Final Draft. Standard is going to be published, to be known as C++ 2011.

Is it reasonable to use the prefix increment operator ++it instead of postfix operator it++ for iterators. Andrey Karpov about C++ iterators.

Which Version of .NET is Built into Windows? To my surprise, Windows Server 2008 have .NET 3.0 off by default.

Microsoft Mathematics (formerly Microsoft Math) is free as in beer.

What do you do for lunch every day? Where do you eat it? With whom? Joel Spolsky writes about software teams.

Invoke .NET Assembly from Native C++ Code. With examples for Visual Studio. Hosted on CodePlex.

The attackers plant their PHP scripts, similar to those I described in previously mentioned diaries. These scripts vary from simple to very advanced scripts that can automatically monitor Google trend queries and create artificial web pages containing information that is currently interested. More on Google image poisoning.

Video: How Google is protecting their Data Centers (logically and physically).