Urih.com statistics – you never know what will be most used feature

22 weeks (or 5 months and 5 days) after urih.com launch, here we have an interesting stats. Clearly, the most used feature on the urih.com is SilverBench – online CPU benchmark tool.

The opposite – the feature that no one have used is: Feedback form, that is located on all pages.

To be exact, the Feedback feature is used exactly 0 (zero, null, none) times. However SilverBench is used many, many times each day. If you look at the SilverBench results page, you can see, that from 5 – 10 people submit their benchmark scores every day.

So no one can predict, that after 22 weeks, the one of the most prominent features will not be used even single time.

P.S. Forgot to mention, that 36 days ago we launched HTTP Response header tool. An online tool, that can be used to view HTTP header stats and information for any site in the Internet.