The best Valorant stats and information site on the Internet –

Our side project vGraphs dot com is almost finished. It is a dedicated website for Riot’s newest game – Valorant. We are still waiting for the official API, and as soon as it becomes available, we will add statistics and player lookup to the site.

The currently features the most detailed and the most accurate information about Valorant in the whole internet. No other site stays close to the attention to the details and its correctness. For example, the damage of the Valorant’s weapons. Let’s take a look at the shotgun Bucky – vGraphs is the only website that has detailed field tested damages for various distances, such as 8, 12, and 20 meters:

Or perhaps, you are on your way to finish the first Battle pass – Ignition : Act 1. We have the first and currently the only website that features all the details, all the rewards, as well as the most accurate XP requirements for all missions, including this battle pass:

If you need to look up some information about weapon skins in Valorant, then vGraphs is the right place. We have up-to-date information and all photos/images for all weapon skins and their possible upgrades. Here is an example for Vandal rifle:

Also, do not forget to check out Light/Dark theme switcher under the agent menu at the top-right corner of the site. It allows to change from the default white to the energy efficient dark theme:

Some more beautiful examples of Valorant information about agents, free rewards, bundles, gun buddies, and agent abilities:

P.S. And stats, past match lookup, charts, etc. are coming soon – when API becomes available ;)