Strange HTTP GET requests from IP 150.70.x.x and IP 62.24.x.x

Recently I started to notice that one of our sites gets strange HTTP GET requests from two IP ranges: 150.70.x.x and IP 62.24.x.x. The short version of this goes as follows: we have web service when users can submit results via HTTP GET request. For example:{BEDC2C9A-C5E6-4766-B57C-7CC07BB26F59}&result=x Each (next) user/request gets a new GUID, like: […]

Google AdWords (or any third party) tracking with onclick that really works

Disclaimer: this works for me and my clients today (Sep 2010). If Google or one on the web browsers change something, this may break all tracking, so use this on your own risk. Below is working code fragments. In the process of making the code work, there was following problems / symptoms: Chrome and Safari […]