Call to OpenFileDialog or SaveFileDialog hangs or freezes

Today I was debugging a very strange issue when call to OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog hanged, froze, never returned… At first I thought the problem is, that call is made from SysTray (Notification area) hidden window. However, digging deeper things got more bizarre. I found a thread in MS forum, where was a workaround – add […]

2011 links no. 1

3D Software Rendering Engine – Part I by darkoman. Fluent CSV/XML Exporter For List by Sacha Barber allows to export / save any C# container to CSV and XML. Push Framework – A C++ toolkit for high performance server development in Windows by Ahmed Charfeddine. Next part in Task Parallel Library: 5 of n by […]

Test Silverlight speed or Test CPU speed with Silverlight

While we were developing SilverBench (online multicore CPU benchmarking with Silverlight), I found one interesting benchmark project. It is called Balls / Bubblemark animation test. You can test and directly compare speed / performance for the following programming languages: JavaScript, Silverlight (C#), Flash (ActionScript) and Java. Source code is provided. Project is maintained from 2007 […]