Security Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (KB2455033) failed with Code 643

Yesterday tried to install ‘Security Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (KB2455033)’ via Windows update on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit but it failed with Code 643. Installation constantly failed with Code 643 – Some updates were not installed.

Currently Google search does not shows anything useful, however Microsoft Connect have listed 4 workarounds. I tried only last one, and it worked.

Posted by AleALEJANDRO on 4/14/2011 at 3:28 AM
It works!

1. Install this to update Visual C++ Compiler:

2. Install this to update the rest:

For more information go to MS Connect – Error installing Windows Update KB2455033.

Below are gallery with relevant screenshots.

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  1. Thanks. I was just hit by this too at work. Googling led me here. I’ll try this out! It was indeed the large 260 MB update to VS2010 that’s failing with the same error code here as well.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I ran into the same problem.

    Although KB2519277 (VC++ Compiler Update) had already successfully installed according to Windows update, when I tried to install the manually downloaded KB2455033 (MFC Update) it failed (ask for an MSI related to the KB2519277 update). I had to manually download the KB2519277 update from the link above, reinstall it, and then KB2455033 installed without issue.

  3. I also had the exact same issue and by installing the C++ compiler update first worked.

  4. FYI: I tried to run the VC update through Windowsupdate with only half a gig empty hard disk space and failed. I got myself more space and it worked.

  5. Thank you,
    I had the same problem, I downloaded and installed Visual C++ Complier.
    now my update has completed successfully :)

  6. Google led me here, and i’m trying to download the VC compiler, hope your solution will work. this issue makes me really tired. appreciate

  7. Thanks for the links ! Worked perfectly ! I’ve held off installing VS 2010 until after SP1 came out and things settled down. I have 4 mega-lines of code in my freeware app to maintain by myself, and don’t need a time waster. VS2010 looks to have some good MFC stuff, but these 2 updates total over 600 MB ! WOW! … what a mess … Thanks again … simple 1 – 2 punch !!

  8. hi
    i am having problem in updating the below update:
    security update for microsoft visual studio 2010 (KB2542054)

    please help me to upload it..

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