Windows Update – Service not running or Windows System apps appear as from unknown publisher

There are two symptoms to the same problem in Microsoft Windows: Windows Update cannot currently check for updates, because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer When you Run As Administrator mmc.exe, notepad.exe, regedit.exe and any other program, you get — Do you want to allow the following program from […]

RAID 1 (mirror) read speed as fast as RAID 0 (stripe)

To our big surprise, the new Intel Raid controller on the Motherboard Intel DX79TO (ver. AAG28805-401) with Intel X79 Express Chipset shows awesome read performance. The raid model is Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise 3.0 (Intel Rapid Storage enterprise – SATA Option ROM –, 2003-2011), which in Microsoft Windows is reported as “Intel C600 […]

Replacing motherboard with Intel RAID 1 (mirror)

Yesterday I needed to replace motherboard with active boot volume, that consisted of RAID 1 (mirror). There were two possibilities of where Intel RAID controller (ICH10R) keeps RAID configurations: in controller in RAID HDDs in both places How things went: Power off Replace broken motherboard with new one Power on First boot slow (perhaps installing […]